Rose Gold

Hi lovelies, I hope you're all doing great. Today I share with you my obsession to find accessories in rose gold lately. Few weeks ago I shared my blush color wishlist, I told how I really wanted to have the Adidas Gazelle in pink. After finally having these, I saw someone was wearing the Adidas Originals in rose gold one and I am falling in love. So I was starting to search them and luckily found it online in my size. I ordered them right way and they suppose to come this week, yay. 
I like the Converse one too, I've been wanting them for ages when they were sold out everywhere. But now I saw them available in my size pretty everywhere, maybe I'll get them soon.

After sneakers are mirrored sunglasses on my list. I've been searching the perfect one since last year, but never found it. The problem is they're all too big for me, I have a small faces so if I'm wearing them it looks creepy on me, haha. Well, my search has never been ended, the search begins now to find the right one, so wish me luck!
What is your favorite accessories for this spring or summer?
Happy Friday everyone!