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I wear a lot of blue lately, maybe it's just because my new blue bag, haha...

ZARA - Shoes, Skirt


My beautiful country is turning to 70 this year <3

My outfit at the wedding of our best friend. 

CLOSET - Dress


FOREVER21 - Rings & Braclete


Polkadot & pink!

H&M - Blouse

MANGO - Jeans

KIOMI - Pumps 

And again shades of blue! Haha...

MANGO - Trouser

PULL & BEAR - Flats



Love my new earrings! They have perfect form & size.

 H&M - Blouse


Jewelry Wishlist

If it comes to jewelry I wasn't that kind of person who always wears it. I was so picky, I thought that I am not the right type to wear jewelry. Well, I wore earrings but that's all. It was nice to see how my friends could wear necklaces or braclets which match to their outfit. Now it has changed, I love to wear necklaces, earrings or bracelets from small to big. Jewelry can play an important role in an outfit. Jewelry is so easy to wear, you can wear it with any simple outfit and it will change your whole look. It can also play the main role in your outfit. Since I love to wear jewelry, I'm obsessed with crystal jewelry. It is sparkling and gives a touch of elegance. So I was so thrilled when I found an email from ROSEGAL and they wanted to partner with me. Today I wanna show you my jewelry wishlist which I picked from their crystal jewelry collection here.

I'd like to wear earrings these days. Those bow earrings are absolutely pretty. You can wear them day or night. I like the girly touch of them. You can pair them with a summer dress and wedges sandals. Oh that would look lovely. You can find them here.

These pink crystal earrings are pretty as well. You can wear them with a little black dress and they will spice up your outfit. Just simple as that. You can buy them here.

This is such a great necklace. The dark blue crystals are so pretty & very elegant. It's the perfect accessory for a special occasion. But you can also wear it casual with a plain t-shirt, jeans & high heels. You can find this beautiful gem here.

I've been completely obsessed with layered necklaces lately. I love this one, look how beautiful it is! The beads are perfect and their colors are so pretty. It is perfect to combine with a white plain t-shirt and sunkissed tan skin. You can find it here

Pink and crystals, what a perfect combo. It's a perfect accessory for your summer outfit. You can buy it here.

I hope you all enjoy reading my wishlist, my favs are the pink earrings & the layered necklace. What is your fav? Do you like any of them?

Home Decor: How to style a window sill in a bathroom

Wenn es um Deko geht, bin ich ja immer so begeistert. Ich liebe es zu dekorieren, so sehr wie ich auch Mode liebe. Heute möchte ich euch zeigen, wie ich die Fensterbank im Bad dekoriere. Es war nicht so einfach, die Fensterbank umzudekorieren. Am Anfang habe ich nur die Orchidee und eine andere Pflanze darauf gestellt. Irgendwann war ich einfach satt davon, haha... Ich wollte mal etwas anderes haben, etwas frischer. Um mir ein paar Inspirationen zu holen, habe ich dann im Internet recherchiert. Ich habe einen Deko-Tipp mit einer Kerze & Glasglocke gesehen. Die Idee mit der Kerze & Glasglocke fand ich wunderbar und habe sie direkt umgesetzt. Tadaaa... Das ist das Ergebnis, wie ihr auf den Bildern sehen könnt. Wenn ihr einige alte Magazine mit schönem Cover habt, schmeißt sie nicht weg. Ihr könnt sie als Deko benutzen, nicht nur als Deko für eine Fensterbank, sondern auch für euren Tisch oder euren Beisteltisch. Es ist meiner Meinung nach, eine günstige Möglichkeit um zu dekorieren. Wie ihr sicherlich wisst, sind Coffee-Table-Bücher meistens relativ teuer. Neben Magazinen dürfen Kerzen beim Dekorieren nicht fehlen. Ich habe eine Duftkerze von Park & ein paar Kerzen von Ikea genommen. Damit der Duft lang anhält, decke ich die Duftkerze mit einer Glassglocke von Butlers ab. Das sieht wunderschön aus, oder? Zuletzt stelle ich eine Vase mit einer schönen Form ohne Blumen dazu. Um einen Maritim-Look hereinzubringen, lege ich  eine dekorative Muschel & einen Seestern dazu. Ich habe die Muschel & den Seestern in einem Souvenir-Shop in Key West gekauft, aber ihr könnt sie überall finden. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Wie findet ihr die Deko? Gefällt sie euch auch?

If it comes to decoration, I'm so excited. I love to decorate as much as I love fashion. This time I wanna show you how to style a window sill in a bathroom. It wasn't easy to redecorate the window sill. At the first time I just put orchids and another plan on it. Someday I just got enough of them, haha... I felt like I just wanted something different & refreshing. Then I've searched for some inspirations in the internet. I found a decoration tip with a candle &  a glass cover. I think the idea with the candle & glass cover is really good & I've realized it. So, here is the result as you can see on the pics. If you have old magazines with pretty covers, don't throw them away. You can use them as decoration, not only for a window sill, it would look great for your coffee table or for a side table. I think it's a cheaper way to style using old magazines than coffee table books, they're pretty pricey. Besides magazines I use different candles, which are a must. I go with a scented candle from Park which smells amazing and some candles from Ikea. To make the scented last longer I cover it with glass cover I got from Butlers. It looks pretty, isn't? Last but not least I put a vase which has a cute form just like that without any flowers in it. To give a little bit maritim look which is great for summer, I put a sea shell & star fish, I got them from a souvenir shop in Key West. I'm very happy with the result. What do you guys think about my decor? Do you like it?

Zara Boho Summer Dress