Cahier Bag

I wanted the Prada Cahier Astrology Bag with the stars and moon. After a long search I gave up to look for it, because it's nowhere to be found now. I could buy it in a Prada store but I have to pay 20% more of the price, because they have to make the bag extra for me. NO WAY. The price would be too much for me. So, instead the astrology bag I went for this Cahier bag in black. 
I got it cheaper, instead 20% more to pay, I got this 20% less than its original price. What a deal huh? 
Actually, I almost never buy a black bag, but I love the simpleness of this bag. It's a black bag but it's uniqe, not just a black bag like I used to saw. The shape and the gold hardware make it special. Cahier means note book, so the shape looks like a note book. Do you guys like it as I do?

I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

ZARA - Jacket / Sweater / Trouser // PRADA - Bag // CONVERSE - Sneakers //
PRIMARK - Headband

Red Floral Dress

Clothes with floral pattern are the best pieces to welcome spring, like this dress which I got last year from Zara. It has such a cute shape and beautiful pattern. To give a contrast to it, I paired it with my old green bag. Do you like it?
One of exciting items which I discover this spring is headband. Since I bought this pretty headband, I wore it almost everytime. Beside the pretty polkadot, it's so convenient for me when I'm wearing it, my hair just don't fall easily on my face, especially it's pretty windig at the moment.
I hope you guys have a great Monday to kick off the new week.

ZARA - Dress/ Bag/ Shoes // PRIMARK - Headband // I AM - Earrings // MIU MIU - Sunglasses 

Spring Flower Dress

H&M has nailed it this spring/ summer, their clothing line are beautiful right now. I've never seen so many beautiful items like this time. So I went a little bit crazy and I purchased few dresses from them online. I did it online, because they never have my size (EUR 32) in the stores. Look how pretty the color and the pattern are. I love how the sleeves have such cute details. There are so many women flower dress to be found in spring/ summer. I just love this time of year.
In this outfit I went for casual look, I styled it with flat shoes which I got from Zara few years ago. I actually had my Furla bag, but I left it in the car. Well, on the way to lunch, I saw those beautiful apple trees and I told my husband to pull over to take pictures. I love this time of year when the trees are blooming, showing off their charming.

I hope you guys have a great day.

H&M - Dress // ZARA - Shoes // MIU MIU - Sunglasses // 
LUILU Jewelry - Chocker // I AM - Earrings

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Sneakers Love

Wer mag Sneaker nicht? Sie sind so bequem, man kann stundenlang darin laufen, ohne zu leiden. Also, sie sind nicht nur bequem sondern auch stylish, was will man mehr, oder?

Zara Pleated Culotte

ZARA - Top & Culotte // FURLA - Bag // CONVERSE - Shoes // MANGO - Sunglasses

Spring has finally arrived! This is my favorite time of the year. The sun is shining, the temperature is slowly getting warm and trees are starting to blossom.