Cahier Bag

I wanted the Prada Cahier Astrology Bag with the stars and moon. After a long search I gave up to look for it, because it's nowhere to be found now. I could buy it in a Prada store but I have to pay 20% more of the price, because they have to make the bag extra for me. NO WAY. The price would be too much for me. So, instead the astrology bag I went for this Cahier bag in black. 
I got it cheaper, instead 20% more to pay, I got this 20% less than its original price. What a deal huh? 
Actually, I almost never buy a black bag, but I love the simpleness of this bag. It's a black bag but it's uniqe, not just a black bag like I used to saw. The shape and the gold hardware make it special. Cahier means note book, so the shape looks like a note book. Do you guys like it as I do?

I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

ZARA - Jacket / Sweater / Trouser // PRADA - Bag // CONVERSE - Sneaker //
PRIMARK - Headband

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