Chunky Purple Cardigan

The weather was a little bit chill in the last couple of weeks, so it's time to bring this chunky purple cardigan out. Purple it's one of my favorite color, so when I saw this cardigan on Asos, I had to buy it. The shape of it it's also interesting and I don't have any of like this in my wardrobe. The best part was that it was on sale ;) 
My husband always said that it's to wintery, because it's pretty thick chunky cardigan. What do you guys think? I hope you have a great weekend. We're heading to a special dinner tomorrow and I'm so excited. Why is it special? Because it's a dinner with the theme "Alice in Wonderland", how cool is that. I'm excited to see the setting and the food of course, how they create the location and the food into the Alice in Wonderland :) The location is where we got married, so double excitement :D

ASOS - Cardigan // NEW YORKER - T-shirt // ZARA - Jeans // ADIDAS - Sneakers

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