Zara Houndstooth Blazer & Kate Spade Bow Bag

Chic and casual outfit with the houndstooth blazer which I've got from Zara on sale. It was love at the first time, haha. When I saw it at shop, I was just about to buy it, but I didn't. I knew that the price was going lower anytime. Then I came back home and checked it online, it was still available in all sizes. Still waiting maybe that the price was going to be lower. One day I saw that the price went down and wanted to order it online, but then it's sold out! The drama has begun, haha. I want to buy this blazer badly! I was checking the availability at store and the blazer should be available in a store just nearby. I went there and I found it. I was so happy! I just love the color and the houndstooth print. It looks so elegant with the gold accents. With my new bow bag from Kate Spade is just the perfect combination. What do you think, guys?
I wish you all have a great day!

xo, Vitri

Spring Wardrobe

Hi girls, today I'll share with you an inspiration for your spring wardrobe. A lot of pink of course! The sweater on the top is my fav, it looks so cute! The Adidas shoes have been on my wishlist for a long time, maybe I'll purchase it soon.
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
xo, Vitri

Mango Sweater & Zara Metallic Bag

Cozy sweater weather with this chunky grey sweater from Mango. I love the pattern of this knit. When I want to buy a sweater or cardigan, I'll always look at the pattern first and then the material. I like to have knits with cute pattern like this one, because you know most of knits have always boring pattern like everybody has. 
I wish you all a wonderful day to start the week!
xo, Vitri


Sweater - MANGO // Jeans - ZARA // Booties - ZARA
Ring - FOREVER21 // Bag - Zara

Banana Republic Peplum Sweater

I love everything about peplum. When I saw this peplum sweater online, I was falling in love and ordered it right away. The sweater is from Banana Republic and I got it from Zalando. It's so pretty, I love the color and the knit pattern. It's from wool, so it keeps me warm in winter.
I bought the down jacket while I was in New York. It was the best buy and it's really worth it to buy it. It really keep me warm and the best is that the jacket is so light weight. Oh I just love it.
I wish you have a wonderful day to start the week!

xo, Vitri

Down jacket - CALVIN KLEIN // Sweater - BANANA REPUBLIC // Jeans - ZARA //
Booties - KIOMI here // Bag - ZARA // Scarf - MANGO




We arrived in New York afternoon, after a long flight we needed to take a nap. I woke up early in the morning that day to go to airport and I just couldn't sleep during the flight. After we took a rest we went to Shake & Shack. This restaurant are spread out all over New York and fortunately we could find it nearby our hotel. I've heard that their Fries with cheese are so good, but we've ended up getting Cheeseburgers and normal Fries. I am absolutely a big fan of Fries and all I can say that their Fries are the best. They're so crunchy outside and smooth inside. They tasted like homemade Fries.


The other burger restaurant that we tried was Five Guys. It was a recommendation from one of our best friend who spent almost a year in USA. We could also find this restaurant nearby the hotel. Their burgers are delicious, my husband liked it more than Shake & Shack. Their Fries are supposed to be the best Fries in US but I like the fries by Shake & Shack better.


During our stay in New York, we tried a lot of Mexican food and I looove it so much. I love the taste, it's just refreshing and interesting. The combination of the fresh veggies, crunchy tacos and meat or fish are just wow. 
If you love Mexican food as I do then you definitely have to go to CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL. The concept is like a "Subway" restaurant. You have to order the meal by yourself and choose whatever you want to have in your meal. I went twice there and always ordered the bowl with lime rice, black beans, pepper & onions, salsa, medium sauce (the best!!!), chicken or safritas (tofu! yummy). Could you please order one bowl for me if you're there?! haha...


When I'm in US, all I want for breakfast is a real American breakfast. It means that pancakes are a must for me :P We went to very different restaurants this time. We went to IHOP, Denny's and Junior's. We already knew IHOP and Denny's, so it was not so special again. The first time we went to Denny's on our first trip, I was just excited because of their Hashbrown, sooo delish. So, this time I really wanted to go there and it was pretty disappointed though. Their Hashbrown was not good at all, what a shame. The next day we went to Junior's for breakfast and it was sooooo good as you can see on the picture below. Unfortunately they don't have hashbrown, so I ordered pancakes and they are so so delicious! They were the best pancakes I have ever ate!!! Junior's is actually very famous for their New York Cheesecake, but we didn't try it yet, because we didn't have much time after we found out that they have the best cheesecake, so next time will we definitely go there and have to try it.

I hope you like this review and have a great day guys!
 xo, Vitri