Zara Houndstooth Blazer & Kate Spade Bow Bag

Chic and casual outfit with the houndstooth blazer which I've got from Zara on sale. It was love at the first time, haha. When I saw it at shop, I was just about to buy it, but I didn't. I knew that the price was going lower anytime. Then I came back home and checked it online, it was still available in all sizes. Still waiting maybe that the price was going to be lower. One day I saw that the price went down and wanted to order it online, but then it's sold out! The drama has begun, haha. I want to buy this blazer badly! I was checking the availability at store and the blazer should be available in a store just nearby. I went there and I found it. I was so happy! I just love the color and the houndstooth print. It looks so elegant with the gold accents. With my new bow bag from Kate Spade is just the perfect combination. What do you think, guys?
I wish you all have a great day!

xo, Vitri

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  1. Fantastic post, i very like your outfit :)

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  2. OMG! i can totally relate in you, I am also a kind of girl who always wait for SALE! or the price will lower down no matter how i wanted it so badly LOL! Anyways! the blazer is worth waiting for it's totally amazing and lovely you look so stunning