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I just not love to eat macarons but also to take picture of them. Macarons are def the most photogenic food ever!

I don't speak Spanish but I bought this Vogue while I was in Spain. The cover is so pretty!

My outfit with the new scarf from Zara as seen on the latest outfit post

Crunchy Raspberry Muffins! It tasted soooo goood! I'd like to make blueberry muffin for friend's birthday, but I couldn't find any blueberry in this season. So I decided to replace them with raspberry and it turned out so well. It tasted way better than with blueberry one in my opinion. You can see the recipe here

Monday fresh mani!

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  1. Great instagram profile :)

  2. Super schöner Blog :) gefällt mir richtig gut. Schau gerne auch auf meinem Blog vorbei