Travel Diary: Provence & Cote d'Azur (Part 1)

Vor einigen Wochen bin ich mit meinem Freund & seiner Familie nach Südfrankreich gefahren, um seiner Mutters Geburtstag zu feiern. Wir waren insgesamt 10 Tage lang dort. Unser erster Besuch galt Avignon, eine wunderschönes Altstadt in der Provence. Leider war das Wetter nicht richtig schön. Obwohl die Sonne schien, war es etwas kühl. Die ersten drei Tage war es richtig mies mit dem Wetter, es war soooo windig. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass ich wegfliegen könnte, haha... Ich hatte echt Schwierigkeiten mit den Klamotten. Ich wusste nicht genau was ich anziehen sollte. Ohne Wind war es ziemlich warm, so war der Zwiebellook die beste Lösung. Ok, jetzt reden wir wieder über Avignon. Es ist eine schöne Stadt mit vielen alten Gebäuden. Ich liebe es, die Details an alten Gebäuden zu betrachten. Als ich dort war, fühlte ich mich als ob ich im 19.Jhd. wäre. Avignon ist empfehlenswert. Am folgenden Tag sind wir nach Arles gefahren. Die Hauptattraktionen von Arles sind das Amphitheater & die Arena. Die Arena wird heutzutage noch als Schauplatz für Stierkämpfe genutzt.

A couple weeks ago I went to Southern France with my boyfriend & his family to celebrate his mother's birthday. We were there about 10 days. First stop was Avignon, a beautiful old city in the Provence. Unfortunately the weather was not so nice, although the sun was coming out, it was cold. The first three days were horrible with the weather, it was windy like hell, I felt like I was going to fly! Haha. Seriously I really had a problem with what to wear. Because it's actually pretty warm without wind, so yeah layering was the best solution. Ok, now back to Avignon. It's such a nice city with so many old buildings. I love the details of the old buildings and there are lots of tiny streets. In the city, I felt like being back into the 19th century. Avignon is worth a visit. On the next day we went to Arles. The main sights of Arles are the amphitheater & the arena. Nowday they use the arena still as a setting for bull fights.

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  1. very interesting post darling, cute pics!!
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  2. This makes me want to travel! I love looking at European architecture and old ruins. Seems like such a fab trip to be able to spend with your boyfriend and his family.

    xx Yasmin

  3. Hi Vitri! I've stumbled upon your blog and it's quite impressing! You might laugh, but I find reading your blog so...''warm'' and ''comfy'', probably because I like the sunny, southern part of France and travelling in June-July there must be a dream came true! I'm Andrei Lukass, and I've started my own blog, called the Metropoliteen. The thing is, I am actually doing my best and trying really hard, and trying, but nobody seems to be reading my blog. I haven't even got a comment since I've started it, and that's a long time. Do you have any advice? How can I get people to comment and read my posts? Anyways, nice finding your blog, I'll like it one Facebook just to make sure I get all your updates. Hope to hear soon!( you can find me at :D )