Hi guys, I know it's too late to wish you a happy new year, but better late than never, right?! I hope you are doing great in this new year. 2016 was the best year to me but on the other side also something bad happened to me. So, I hope everything will be great in 2017. Ok, now I want to tell you about my last holiday. Right after Christmas my husband and I traveled to New York. It was our second trip to this beautiful city. We spent New Year's Eve in New York and it was really special. We had really a great time in this city as always. I'll share with you what we did, where we ate and last but not least where to shop (this is my fav part, haha...) in New York. So, let us begin with 10 must visit places in New York during the day and at night:


There are many things you can do while you visit NY. One of the must do is visiting the Central Park. I love Central Park, it's a huge park with an amazing view. If you're a fan of Home Alone movie then you'll probably recognise few spots from this movie. We went there on January 1st after we had a long night New Year's Eve party. When I arrived in NY, I was just dreaming to take a Sunday walk at Central Park and I just did it. Luckily we had the most amazing wheather that day, sun was shining the whole day. It was just a special moment to start the new year.



It was my first time to see the flatiron building. On our first trip we didn't have much time like this time, so we couldn't visit all the sights. Look how incredible this building is. I could stare at it for hours, because it just amazes me. 

3. Brooklyn Bridge

This time we didn't make it to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, because most of the time was so cold and windy or rainy in New York. So we decided not to go there, we just saw the bridge from far. If you're visiting New York, then go to the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge is beautiful and the view from the bridge is just amazing. 


4. Wall Street

At Wall Street you can just walk around the area and enjoy the scenery. Last time we went there it was pouring rain, so we stopped just to take a picture. On our first trip we were walking aroung and then went to a church nearby to warm us up, haha... 


5. One World Trade Center

In memorial of the Twin Towers, they build the One World Trade Center. If you go there, you can also see the spots where the Twin Towers were standing. Two pools were built in memory of 9/11 with the list of the victims names arround the pools. Last time I was there, it made me just sad if I was thinking what happened years ago. There is a 9/11 Memorial Museum which you can visit as well. We didn't do it because of the long queue.


6. The High Line

Honestly I've never heard about the High Line before I went there, haha... Shame on me!!! The High Line is a 2 km long park built in Manhattan and it used to be a railroad. When we got there, it was so windy and cold, so not fun at all. But I can imagine to sit and enjoy the view during warm weather.


7. Skyline Views at Night

If you want to enjoy the view of the skylines at night, then you have to go to Brooklyn. The view is just amazing from Brooklyn.


8. Broadway Shows

If you love musical, then Broadway is one must visit place on earth! We went to "Color Purple" and it was wonderful. I felt like I was in the middle of the making of a Hollywood film, haha... I know it sounds weird, but that's what I felt. The actors are AMAZING!!! This show was the second musical I have attended, the first one was in London and it was also great. HINT: To get cheaper tickets for Broadway, you have to go to TKTS ticket booth. We bought ours at TKTS and we got 50% off!!! Isn't that amazing?

9. Rockefeller Center

I love New York around Christmas time. Eventhough we were there after Christmas, we could still enjoy the Christmas decoration. My dream came true, all that I wanted was to be in New York at Christmas time and it was magical. Rockerfeller Center is definitely the most wonderful decorated place in New York. The giant Christmas tree stood right in front of the building and in the opposite building there was a beautiful light shows. It's just dreamy in New York during Christmas time.

10. Times Square

Last but not least you have to go to Times Square. It feels not complete without visiting Times Square while you're in New York. That's how I felt when we went to Times Square after a couple days of our arrival. I was just standing there and watching the big screens, it's so fun! A little HINT for the shoppers!!! The FOREVER 21 store at Times Square opens until 2 AM! Yes, correct, until 2 AM! So if you're in the city that never sleeps you can also go shopping until morning, isn't that great?! ;)

I hope you enjoy this post. If I could, I would go every year to New York. Next time we would like to go there in warm season, so we could sit outside such as at Central Park or Bryant Park and enjoy the sun. Wish you all a wonderful day! 

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